Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Great Book Guru, My son who is a North Shore High School senior is awaiting word on college admissions. It is a stressful time for him and his friends and us, too. I was wondering if you have a book on the topic that will make the time go faster. Concerned Parent
Dear Concerned, Oh, yes, I can feel the tension all over the Village; there are many people in your son's position. I met my friend Marga the other day and we were discussing just this topic. She had recently finished reading an interesting novel which coincidentally I had just begun- ADMISSION by Jean Hanff Korelitz. This book tells the story of an admissions counselor at Princeton who is weighed down emotionally and physically because of the many fine students she must reject each year. While there are many farfetched plots and sub plots, the book does describe the admissions process in amusing and colorful detail. It was a good read and would certainly help the waiting time move more quickly. Another book I found interesting, more useful, and better written was THE GATEKEEPERS by Jacques Steinberg. The author, an Education writer for the New York Times, traces six students applying to Wesleyan University- from their first campus visits until that decisive letter in the mail. We come to know and care for each of the students so that by the end of the book we too are awaiting with great trepidation the final word from the admissions office. The book offers many good insights which will help young students (and their parents) look at this process more dispassionately. Both books are available at the Sea Cliff Library.
Reminder: Dr. Maureen Murphy's lecture on Colm Toibin and his novel BROOKLYN will be on Thursday, March 11 at 7pm at the Sea Cliff Village Hall.

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