Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Great Book Guru,
Have you noticed how Sea Cliff is abuzz with book talk? It seems every place I go, people are talking about books . With that in mind, do you have a quick read that will hold my attention and give me something to add to the community conversation? Interested in Book Talk

Dear Interested, Sea Cliff is indeed a village of readers! One local café- B Brown's- has become a veritable literary salon. This Sunday while eating delicious French toast covered with plums and dollops of honey and yogurt, I found myself in the midst of a heated discussion of favorite books. Jim and Chris Schatz, breakfasting with their children, offered up THE ENDER'S GAME, a novel that presciently foretold the cyber world we now inhabit, while their daughter Nicole suggested we all read THE MAZE RUNNER, part of a sci fi trilogy. At another table John Canning and Joan Accolla made numerous recommendations including a new biography of Marshall McLuhan. It was a spirited debate that the Gordons and DiPietros quickly joined into. What an intellectually stimulating morning! But back to your request for a quick read- I loved the latest John Grisham- THE CONFESSION. Many readers feel they have moved beyond Grisham claiming his books are too formulaic, too trite, but this latest novel is a great read on many levels. Capital punishment, especially in the state of Texas, is the focus with well-developed characters and a fast moving plot. Although we know the outcome early on, the suspense remains almost unbearable. Our sympathies are with the inmate and his family, with the minister who bravely tries to right a very wrong situation, and the frenetic lawyer who knows and cares too much.

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