Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Great Book Guru, It is hard to believe this weekend is already Mini Mart Sunday! I'll be spending the day with the Friends of the Library- they are having spectacular book sale on the Village Green right in front of the Adult Library. Surrounded by all those books, I know I am going to crave something really good to read. Any thoughts? MiniMart Maven

Dear MiniMart Maven, Mini Mart Sunday ranks up there with Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween as a favorite holiday for me; our streets are filled with friends and strangers alike all enjoying our beautiful Village . But let me suggest a book I just finished and enjoyed tremendously: FAITH by Jennifer Haigh. Pat Guy who is a dear friend to all of Sea Cliff recommended this book to me a few weeks ago and I'm not sure why I resisted reading it. Perhaps I thought it would be a retelling of the play/movie DOUBT with its disturbing tale of clerical misconduct and bureaucratic cover-ups, but -no -this is a story of family: parents and children, in-laws and grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Whether it is Shelia, the younger sister who champions her brother Art, the priest with so many secrets, or their younger brother Mike who angrily tries to remove himself from the growing scandal, the pain and, yes, comfort offered by each of these relationships is captured in exquisite detail by the author. The characters' faith in religion, community, and friends is shown as slight when compared to the powerful influence family has had on their lives. Highly recommended!

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