Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dear Great Book Guru,   I am so looking forward to the Memorial Day ….. the spirited parade through the streets of Sea Cliff, the bittersweet ceremony at Clifton Park,  breakfast on the front lawn of the Children’s Library, the opening of the Beach- all make for an iconic  day.  As usual I am looking for a good book to read when there is quiet moment.  Do you have any suggestions?   Eager Reader

Dear Eager Reader, Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I make sure I am back in town for Memorial Day so, yes, I can certainly understand your excitement. I am going to recommend a book that might surprise you: CRESCENT AND STAR: TURKEY BETWEEN TWO WORLDS by Stephen Kinzer.  Why this book for this American holiday weekend? Well, Kinzer tells  the story of a country most of us know very little about, but one that is a valuable and fascinating ally. Largely Islamic, it has been a democracy of sorts since 1923. Kinzer describes in colorful detail  the food and drink , the poets and novelists, and the generals and politicians of modern day Turkey.   Reading about the missteps, the triumphs, and the potential of this ancient country, we can see vestiges of our own history. Recommended!

Remember to get your treasures together for the Civic Association’s annual Garage Sale- Saturday,  June 7. If you need an application form, pick one up at Village Hall.  

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