Monday, November 10, 2014

Dear Great Book Guru,  I had the most wonderful weekend…. We went to the Chill Out on Friday- much thanks go to Ed Lieberman and Kathleen DiResta for the fabulous music and entertainment throughout that very chilly  night.  I loved the exhibit at the Museum- Sara Reres did a great job welcoming the crowds into the very cozy, refreshment filled building. Then on Saturday we had the Progressive Dinner where I met so many old and new friends.  Tina Marchese and her committee worked their magic again with 170 guests happy  and well fed in 23 homes around the Village. Now please find me a good book to read over the darkening  days of November.   Weary Weekend Celebrant

Dear Weary Weekend Celebrant, I have a very interesting book for you: MOLLY FOX’S BIRTHDAY  by the Irish writer Deirdre Madden. Narrated by an unnamed playwright, this short novel (254 pages) takes place on one summer day in Molly Fox’s memorabilia filled Dublin home . Molly and the narrator had met twenty years before and over the years both have achieved great success in their  careers. Molly is a forty year-old well known actress with many, many friends that we meet as we move back and forth over the decades. An intellectual priest, an Oxford trained art historian, a rebel soldier with dubious loyalties- all figure in Molly’s story as we meet them and learn their stories over the course of the novel.  What roles  we assign ourselves during our lifetimes and how we choose to act on these choices form the basis of this intellectually stimulating tale. Recommended !

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