Monday, February 2, 2015

Dear Great Book Guru, Snowbound again!  Please recommend a book that will transport me from this Winter Wonderland for a few hours…Lover of Sea Cliff Sun and Snow

Dear Sea Cliff Sun and Snow Lover,  My evening book group just read a wonderful historical novel ( just 200 pages) that will take you far, far away  without your having to leave Sea Cliff : EUPHORIA  by Lily King.  Set in New Guinea in the 30’s, this book tells the story of three young scientists who find love, intrigue, and despair in their study of tribal life.  With some startling changes, the story is largely based on the lives of  Margaret Mead, her two husbands Reno Fortune, Gregory Bateson, and her lover Ruth Benedict- all renowned anthropologists.  Anthropology was a relatively new science in 1930 and each of the characters takes a very different approach to its practice. Nell- the Mead character- is the most appealing of the trio, but she too shows remarkable callousness and misguided benevolence toward the men and women she encounters.  The characters’ back stories, especially of their early years in London and New York, prove a fascinating contrast to their lives in the South Pacific. With a touch of mystery and a strong overlay of tropical romance, you have a  fine read for a snowy evening.  Recommended!

P.S. Don't forget- LONG WAY DOWN by Sea Cliff renowned author Michael Sears is available February 5.  Highly recommended!

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