Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dear Great Book Guru,  Another great weekend of music here in Sea Cliff-  Retro Woodstock at Sunset Serenade on Thursday, Music at Seacliff Beach, Friday, and on Saturday night Crash the Beach – a fundraiser for Mutual Concerns- featuring among others, my favorite  Jenn Gerrity. But I do have to have a book in hand and I would love something fun and laugh-filled. Any suggestions? A Sea Cliff Musical Maven

Dear Sea Cliff Musical Maven, A few months ago Karen Boehm, a very astute reader and scholar, suggested I read the novels of Dawn Powell, an author unknown to me.  Well, I just finished her most popular work A TIME TO BE BORN and thanks, Karen- it was indeed wonderful!   Set in 1940’s New York City, the book follows the escapades of Amanda Keeler Evans and her childhood friend  Vicky Haven. Evans is a highly successful novelist married to an all- powerful, extraordinarily wealthy publisher. Vicky serves as a cover for Amanda’s affair with a struggling journalist but we soon discover that nothing is as it seems.  The book is a hilariously biting take on the publishing world, the fashion industry, and the social politics of the New York City just  as America is  about to enter World War II.  The blatant cynicism of its many colorful characters is recorded in exquisite detail by Powell.  I found it impossible to read more than a few paragraphs without laughing aloud. A very enjoyable read and highly recommended!

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