Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dear Great Book Guru,  I have never been a fan of the Olympics but many of my friends have been following the games in Rio with great interest. So while they are so engaged, I wonder if you have something for me to read that might explain the intense interest such sporting events engender.                                          No Fan of the Olympics

Dear No Fan of the Olympics,  Whether this was coincidental or very well planned, the release of Meg Abbot’s YOU WILL KNOW ME just a week before the start of the Olympic Games is exquisite timing.  Abbot explores the world of young gymnasts and their families as they aspire to Olympic competition. Katie and Eric Knox’s teen daughter Devon,   a gymnast of immense talent almost since birth, is  about to qualify for its highest honors when a mysterious car accident threatens to upend this trajectory.  The financial and emotional sacrifices that she and her parents  have made are chronicled in brutal detail while the reader is left to question the motives of all involved including her friends, their parents and her coach who asks “How far will you go to achieve a dream?”  For the Knoxes there appears to be no limit to what they will do….   If you were a fan of GONE GIRL, you will find this book irresistible- recommended!

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