Friday, October 14, 2016

Dear Great Book Guru,  Sad to say I am headed out of Sea Cliff this weekend.  We are headed to Vermont for a fall foliage trip.  Please recommend a good book to help me through the weekend.  
Reluctant Fan of Fall Foliage

Dear Reluctant Fan of Fall Foliage,  I so understand your reluctance to leave Sea Cliff, but I do have a good book for you: COMMONWEALTH by Ann Patchett.  This novel spans five decades, two families, four parents, and six children. The story begins in southern California at Frannie Keating’s christening when her mother and Bert Cousins begin an affair that sets the Cousins’ and Keating’ families asunder. Over the years the six children meet up in Virginia for summer visits- tragedy strikes, bonds are forged, and time relentlessly moves forward.    When one of the children becomes involved with a world famous novelist, the family’s story becomes a national bestseller and award winning film, leaving everyone involved questioning the validity of their memories. The novel ends with the death of the parents, and the reader and the children are left to wonder: what was it all about?  Despite humorous interludes, the story is imbued with sadness. A touching tale of familial pain and affection…recommended!

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