Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Great Book Guru,  My whole family will be at the Sea Cliff Civic Association’s annual Turkey Hunt this Sunday  November 27 at 2pm at Geohagen Park, aptly also known as “Headless” Park.    Two hundred tiny toy turkeys will be hiding in trepidation, awaiting the arrival of their leader: the Great Turkey Himself! Heidi Hunt and her merry troupe of teens will  be there serving refreshments. Waiting for the hunt to begin, I will certainly need a good book- any suggestions?    Huge Fan of the Great Turkey Himself

Dear Fan of the Great Turkey Himself,  I just finished a fascinating literary mystery DEAR MR. M: A NOVEL by Herman Koch, author of THE DINNER  and SUMMER HOUSE- all three  wonderfully complex psychological thrillers.  Mr. M is an aging author whose reputation was secured many years before with ”Payback” a novel based on the real life disappearance of a Dutch school teacher.  In the opening pages we meet a strangely sociopathic  narrator who seems to have played a part in the original disappearance, and now decades later is shadowing  the author, his very young wife, and child.  As perspectives change from chapter to chapter and time shifts, we are caught up in a bizarre world where truth is elusive and suspense abounds. Ultimately, the reader is left to question the moral responsibility of any storyteller. The ending- while shocking- is immensely satisfying – highly recommended! 

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