Friday, July 21, 2017

Dear Great Book Guru,  With heavy rain ruining my plans last week ( I was so disappointed: The Lazy Dogs, Trilogy,  and Kingfisher were all rained out),  I am hoping for better weather this week. But if not, do you have a good book I can have on hand – something set far away and with maybe a moral dilemma or two thrown in?  Summer Rain Ranter

Dear Summer Rain Ranter,  I just finished a book that might be  what you are looking for: WAKING LIONS by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen.  Neurosurgeon Eitan Green lives a privileged life- he and his police detective wife and their two young sons have a lovely home in Beersheba, an Israeli desert town.  Driving home in his luxury SUV after an exhausting night of surgery, he hits an Eritrean immigrant.  Determining there is nothing to be done for the severely injured man and fearful of criminal prosecution, Green leaves the man to die.  Shortly after he arrives home, Sirkit, the man’s wife, appears with Green’s wallet.   He offers her cash , but she is not interested in his money . Instead, she threatens to go to the police unless he follows her directions.  She wants him to help her run an underground hospital in an abandoned garage behind the fast food restaurant where she is a dishwasher.  His patients will be African immigrants who cannot find medical care elsewhere. While this certainly seems a way to atone for his crime, things are not as morally clear as they might seem.  There are many surprises throughout that soon leave us questioning our own moral rectitude.   Highly recommended!

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