Monday, September 24, 2018

Dear Great Book Guru,  Next week is the Sea Cliff MiniMart (Sunday, October 7) and I am very excited.  There are so many wonderful booths to visit that day, but my favorite stop is the Children’s Library.  They have an amazing array of pre-used books and toys- most of which sell for one dollar! While I am waiting for the fun to begin, I would love to have a fast-moving novel on hand.  Any recommendations? MiniMart Maven
Dear MiniMart Maven,  I have a book I am quite sure you will enjoy: A DOUBLE LIFE by Flynn Berry. Claire is a physician practicing in London- she lives an orderly, uneventful life with friends, pets, and family… but we soon learn this is not her only life. She was daughter of a charismatic British lord , who accused of murder, had disappeared twenty years ago.  Now as an adult, Claire is obsessed with finding her father and learning what happened that night when her nanny was brutally murdered and her mother viciously attacked.  Shifting back and forth from past to present, Claire follows the most improbable of leads to finally discover the truth.  This novel is based on the actual story of Lord “Lucky” Lucan - a British peer whose disappearance forty years ago still remains shrouded in mystery.  Highly recommended!

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