Monday, January 18, 2010


Dear Great Book Guru, I was a B. Brown's Kitchen in Sea Cliff this weekend having some fabulous French toast special, when I heard people at another table discussing a new book by a Sea Cliff author but I couldn't hear the title and was too shy to ask. Do you know anything about this book and author? Baffled B. Brown Breakfaster

Dear Baffled, I was a B's this weekend too and the Oatmeal French toast was truly amazing but back to your question. Yes, indeed, Amy Spencer is the author you heard about. Amy and her sister Elizabeth grew up here and their parents- Ken and Kathy Spencer are Sea Cliff luminaries known and loved by scores of people throughout the Village. The book is MEETING YOUR HALF-ORANGE. It is coming out the beginning of February but you can pre-order from . I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and after having read it this week, I can recommend it wholeheartedly. The phrase half-orange comes from the Spanish phrase "mi media naranja" meaning one's sweetheart, one's perfect other half. The book describes techniques you can use to attract your perfect other half . The techniques suggested are rooted in the belief that if you are optimistic you create an aura that attracts other people to you. The book is filled with great anecdotes that support this thesis, but Amy's story was the best of all. She had told herself she would meet her "half -orange' sometime during the upcoming year; she did everything she could to be happy and yes, optimistic. So on Memorial Day weekend she realized she wanted to spend it with her family in Sea Cliff not at a glitzy singles event in NYC, but what were the chances she would meet her own true love here? Yes, yes- through a series of wonderful coincidences she ended up with her perfect mate by the end of the weekend. The book was witty, poignant , and invaluable if you are searching and entertaining if you are lucky enough to have already met up with your half-orange. Ann DiPietro

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