Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Great Book Guru, I was at a party this weekend at Scott and Karen Kessler's in honor of the Friends of Sea Cliff Library. In addition to great food and conversation, there was a lovely presentation of Shakespearean sonnets during which someone mentioned a new novel about a family obsessed with the Bard. It sounded interesting but no one could remember the title. Are you familiar with the book? Shakespeare Sonnet Swooner

Dear Swooner, I'm so sorry I missed the Kessler soiree (I heard it was a smashing success- Scott and Karen always give such wonderful parties) - we were in Palm Beach for a weekend conference- but I certainly know the book being discussed: it was THE WEIRD SISTERS by Eleanor Brown. What a fun read! The daughters (Rosalind, Bianca, and Cordelia) named by their scholar father after three of Shakespeare's heroines, have returned to the small university town where they grew up, each facing a crisis that reflects her namesake's personality. The eldest sister finds it impossible to leave the cocoon of the family, the middle sister faces paralyzing financial and career problems, the youngest is dealing with the aftereffects of her bohemian life style, and the poor parents are consumed with their own frailties. Can a good quote or two from Shakespeare help this beleaguered family? Well, as the omnipresent narrator tells us "There is no problem a library card can't solve" so rest assured: all works out … eventually.

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