Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dear Great Book Guru, I have been reading that an award-winning, recently published poet is doing a reading of his work this weekend at the Sea Cliff Library. I don't like much of modern poetry, but I am intrigued at the thought of a local Sea Cliff writer sharing his work with us. Do you think I would enjoy the event and is there any way I could prepare myself for the experience? Fearful Fan

Dear Fearful Fan, Fear not…. you are going to have a wonderful, wonderful afternoon. On Saturday, May 21, 1pm at the Sea Cliff Library, Charles Hansmann will be reading from his latest work -LONELINESS JACKET- a majestic collection of his poetry. "Some lines I know by heart as soon as I read them" is a passage from one of Hansmann's poems, but it could be said of much of his work. There is a simple elegance in his descriptions of life's tiny shared moments, and while he writes of loneliness, his tenacious connection to the world and his loved ones pervades each of his poems. You will soon realize you understand far more than you thought, but if you still would like to do a little preparation there is a new guide to modern poetry that might give you the confidence you seek- BEAUTIFUL AND POINTLESS by David Orr. As Orr says, "poetry matters to people for the same reason anything appeals to anyone: because they love it" and I am certain you will love Hansmann's poetry. In fact, there is talk of naming him the Poet Laureate of Sea Cliff. He has my vote…

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