Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Great Book Guru, I am in such a frenzy- for the next two weeks, I have to prepare for my law school exams, but what I really want to do is read some good books. Do you have a fun novel I can reward myself with when this is all over? Desperate to Read for Pleasure

Dear Desperate, Good luck on your exams and remember in a few short weeks, you'll have a wonderful block of time to devote to those books you are so eager to read. I recommend you put the latest John Grisham at the top of your list: THE LITIGATORS. A young associate at a hugely prestigious Chicago law firm has had it- the long hours, the grueling work, and the impersonal atmosphere- so he walks out into the sunlight and enters the strange world of Finley and Figg- a self-described "boutique" law firm. Located in a shabby southwest Chicago strip mall, it is a two- man operation whose cases result largely from ambulance chasing and visits to local funeral homes, which is where Figg has stumbled onto the case of a lifetime: a huge suit against an international pharmaceutical company. Unprepared and unaware, the bumbling trio finds themselves in federal court facing an array of very, very smart lawyers and a very stern judge. Grisham has been criticized in the past for his formulaic approach, predictable plots, and shallow characters, but there are none of these flaws in this novel. The characters -the grouchy Oscar Finley, the scheming, irrepressible Walter Figg, and the earnest, Harvard educated David Zinc- are richly developed and there are many surprise plot twists. Highly recommended!

PS Looking for a great gift or stocking stuffer? Check out the newest book of poetry LADYBUG ON THE ODOMETER by Sea Cliff Poet Laureate Charles Hansmann. I wept as I read these poems with their stark beauty and exuberant sensuality. Autographed copies are available by contacting the author at

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