Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Great Book Guru,  There are so many Easter and Passover celebrations all over Sea Cliff this week and one of my favorites is the Egg Hunt at Spooky Park on Dayton Street- always at 10:30am the Friday before Easter Sunday.  So many children, so many adults, so much fun!   After it's over, I am meeting with friends for lunch at Musu, the exciting new sushi restaurant,  where Once Upon a Moose had  long been located.  There we will be deciding on a novel for our April  book group discussion.  Any suggestions?  Eager Egg Hunter

Dear Eager,  Gwynne and Mike Lennon have organized this events for years and you are right: it is great fun!   The book I would recommend for your group is A THOUSAND PARDONS by Jonathan Dee. This is a tale of a marriage gone very bad.  Ben, a partner in a prestigious New York City law firm,  after a lifetime of circumspect behavior,  makes a very bad decision that ends his career, his marriage, his life as he knew it. .. Helen, his wife of eighteen years, sells the family home, and embarks on a strange odyssey during which she discovers a unique talent: she can make the most arrogant of men ask for pardon. Church officials, politicians, restaurateurs, Hollywood celebrities- all guilty of myriad sins, find public redemption by following Helen's dictate: ask for forgiveness.  Ben, Helen, and their daughter Sara are beautifully crafted characters and the book has many humorously touching moments. You will never again see a public figure apologizing for his misdeeds without thinking of this book.  A good read!

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