Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Great Book Guru,  This Sunday is Sea Cliff's  Mini Mart when thousands of people stroll down Sea Cliff Avenue in search of good food and great buys. For me the most fun is meeting up with old friends and checking out the Children's Library's used toy and book sale- the ultimate recycling  event of the year!  But as always I would like to spend some time reading a good book…..any suggestions?  Mini Mart Maven

Dear Mini Mart Maven,  I share your enthusiasm- in fact my friend and neighbor Lou Ciampi and I have been counting down the days until Sunday; we are both huge fans of Mini Mart. But I do admire your quest for a good book and I have a very special one for you: MORTAL BONDS  by Michael Sears.  Sears is a much acclaimed writer of mysteries and he and his wife, artist Barbara Segal, are Sea Cliff luminaries.  This latest book is a sequel to his  prize winning BLACK FRIDAYS.  Jason Stafford returns, embroiled in yet another financial debacle: a family- based billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Also returning is The Kid, his six-year-old autistic son, who once again captures our affection and respect.  A fast-moving thriller and so much more, MORTAL BONDS offers a compassionate look into the struggles and rewards of life with an autistic child while also illuminating the complex world of bearer bonds and Swiss bankers- a truly unique achievement!

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