Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear Great Book Guru,  I am very excited about the coming weekend performance of my favorite group Antigone Rising at the Sea Cliff Beach Pavilion- Saturday, September 13 at 6pm.  I plan on getting there early and reading on the beach while waiting for the concert to start. Can you think of a book I might enjoy?  Fan of Antigone Rising

Dear Fan, I am sure most of Sea Cliff will be joining you at the concert, including myself.  I read an interesting autobiographical novel a few weeks ago that has remained with me: FLYING SHOES  by Lisa Howorth.  The story opens as Mary Byrd Thornton is listening to an NPR newscast in her Oxford, Mississippi home as she waits for her children to come from school. The phone rings – the caller is a detective who has been studying cold cases and has just discovered who had killed Mary’s nine- year old brother over thirty years ago. Mary must appear in Virginia with other family members, but he will not reveal the killer’s identity until they are all present.  Mary has a paralyzing fear of flying so she embarks on a road trip to Richmond with a colorful array of friends. The novel takes place over one week and we soon realize this is not a murder mystery but a more a study of how people’s lives are shaped by tragedy. Zany eccentrics, a vivid description of life in the Deep South in the 1990’s, and a beautifully poetic voice all come together to give the reader an unexpected treat.  Recommended!

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