Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear Great Book Guru,  With  beautiful weather coming upon us and the sound of music filling the air throughout Sea Cliff,  I feel inspired to cast off winter’s shackles and find a lovely book to read. Do you have something wonderful to recommend?   Sauntering into Spring

Dear Sauntering into Spring,  After a delicious, fun-filled  Easter dinner shared with the Dohertys, DiPietros and Calzonettis, conversation turned to favorite books. Someone mentioned a novel based on a the history of two siblings who formed the heart of the famous  literary salon known as the Bloomsbury Group: VANESSA AND HER SISTER by  Pryia Parmaria. Since Virginia Woolf is so much better known than her sister Vanessa Bell, it is fascinating to hear their story from Vanessa’s point of view.  With snippets from diaries, household memorabilia, and photos, we come to know both Vanessa and Virginia as siblings vying first for parental affection and then later for the affection of  husbands, lovers, and friends. Vanessa, the painter and Virginia, the writer are highlighted against the backdrop of other notables  including Clive Bell, Leonard Woolf, Roger Fry, E.M. Forester, Rupert Brooke, and John Maynard Keynes.  The powerful, almost diabolical rivalry between the sisters was to color both their lives and, with this meticulously researched book, we are given a glimpse into this strangest of  sibling relationships.  Recommended!

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