Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Great Book Guru, With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I am looking for the perfect gift … and, of course, that means a book.  Do you have something special to recommend?  Valentine Gift Seeker

Dear Valentine Gift Seeker,  How lucky are you?   Just this week the latest in the Jason Stafford mystery series has been released: SAVING JASON by esteemed Sea Cliff author Michael Sears. While  I have loved all the books in the series: BLACK FRIDAYS, MORTAL BONDS, and LONG WAY DOWN,  this latest is the best yet. Jason Stafford is a talented former Wall Street trader who was sent to prison for insider trading. After being released, he began a new, very lucrative career as a financial investigator. The novels all involve fiscal malfeasance of some sort with this latest focusing on a hostile takeover, but they are more than just financial thrillers.   Sears has created a colorfully diverse community of villains, friends, and relatives- with special focus on Stafford’s young autistic son Jason( aka the Kid).  Much of the storyline deals with the joys and challenges of parenting, and when Stafford and the Kid are placed in a witness protection program, these challenges multiply. Sears’s writing is always dynamic and the plot, while intricate, is always believable.  Highly recommended!  

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