Friday, July 15, 2016

Dear Great Book Guru,  We are headed to Marblehead, Massachusetts this weekend for the wedding of Julia Calzonetti and Alex Finigan.  It should be great fun, although of course it is always hard to leave Sea Cliff.  I am sure there will be time for some reading so I would appreciate a good recommendation.
Delighted Wedding Guest                                            
Dear Delighted, What a lovely weekend awaits you- our best to the bride and groom- and yes I have a great book to recommend: I AM NO ONE by Patrick Flanery.  Jeremy O’Keefe is returning to New York City after ten years living in England.  After failing to receive tenure at Columbia University, he had accepted a position at one of Oxford University’s oldest but not very prestigious colleges.  As the novel opens, he has been offered a teaching assignment in N.Y.U.’s history department.  While excited to be back home, he finds life here very lonely as he tries to rekindle past friendships and make new connections. Soon he realizes something is very, very wrong.  He realizes he is being followed by a strange young man, his elderly mother receives telephone calls slandering him, boxes of his online email activity for the last ten years are delivered to his apartment… What  has he done to explain this bizarre surveillance? He questions whether he is indeed as he thinks “no one” or the victim of a massive government conspiracy. This is a book that will stay with you for a very long time- highly recommended!

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