Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dear Great Book Guru,  I am headed over to Memorial Park to hear John Brady for the last of the Sunset Serenades 2017  this Thursday, August 31.  For the rest of the Labor Day weekend, I would love to spend time reading a  book that will open my mind to new ideas- non-fiction, preferably…  
Seeker of Knowledge

Dear Seeker of Knowledge,  I read a book recently that I think you will find interesting and horrifying: THE COLOR OF LAW by Richard Rothstein.  Rothstein, a housing policy expert, overturns many of the myths surrounding segregation. He rejects the common  belief that our cities and suburbs are racially divided because of personal prejudices, income disparities,  callous bankers, and unscrupulous real estate brokers.  Instead he places the blame almost entirely on our federal, state, and local governments.  By passing malicious zoning laws and supporting restrictive covenants, the government denied African- Americans the opportunity to live in safe neighborhoods with access to good jobs, good schools, and good homes. Going back to the racist policies  of Woodrow Wilson and following the trail of local and federal court decisions that separated once vibrant, integrated  communities, Rothstein presents a compelling reassessment of American history.  In many ways this book is a more powerful indictment of flawed and craven government policy than the monumental EVICTED by Matthew Desmond. Highly recommended!

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