Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dear Great Book Guru,  I am going to the Sea Cliff Civic Association’s Newcomers Party next weekend.  I am looking forward to meeting the fifty or so others who have moved to Sea Cliff over the last twelve months, but I am a bit shy.  If I had a good book to bring up, it might make things easier.  Any ideas?
Eager but Nervous Newcomer

Dear Eager but Nervous….No need to be anxious…. I am sure you will have a great time –  but  I do have a book you might enjoy:  THERE YOUR HEART LIES by Mary Gordon.  This is the story of Marian Taylor, who we meet as a young nineteen year-old Newport debutante who leaves her life of ease and affluence to join the Abraham Lincoln Brigade- a group of idealistic Americans who came together to fight  Franco and the Nazis in the Spanish Civil War.  She marries her dead brother’s lover so that they can travel to Spain as part of a medical team.  Quickly disillusioned by the internecine fighting, the couple rethink their commitment to the war and to each other.  We then meet Marion as a ninety-two year-old woman back in Rhode Island sharing her memories with Amelia, her young granddaughter.  When pieces of the story fail to make sense,  Amelia returns to Spain to search out the truth.  This is a fascinating tale of one woman’s attempt to come to terms with her past and of a country still coping with the horrific aftermath of civil war.  Recommended!  
P.S. Don't miss the renowned ANTIGONE RISING  musical event from noon... on at Sea Cliff Beach- Saturday, September 16 !  

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