Sunday, March 21, 2021

Dear Great Book Guru,  My mind is overwhelmed by my existence in the cyberworld of Twitter, Instagram, Face Book, Zoom, webinars, breakout rooms, etc.  It goes on and on… Sometimes I wonder which world is more real and where do I feel more at home: to be or not to be - internet or not? Any books of this on this topic?  In Search of Place

Dear In Search of Place, I just finished a new novel that faces this very issue: FAKE ACCOUNTS by Lauren Oyler.  Our narrator throughout is an unnamed young woman who in the opening pages has just scrolled through her boyfriend’s iPhone in search of - as she says - “a good story” only to discover he is an anonymous internet conspiracy theorist.  She is somewhat relieved and exhilarated to find this other side of him because she admits up until now she had found him rather boring. She soon finds herself enmeshed in a whole world of online fabrications and false existences.  She throws herself into this world, navigating dating apps, expat meetups, wait rooms, chat rooms - all the while creating and recreating her online self. Traveling between New York, D.C., and Berlin, she entertains and terrifies us with her cyber hijinks. Definitely a fascinating look into a world we are all about to experience…if we haven’t already!


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