Saturday, August 14, 2021

 Dear Great Book Guru, I am hoping you can help me.  My book group has been trying to restart and we are facing obstacle after obstacle - vacations, bad weather, fear of being inside, mosquitos - it just goes on and on.  I feel if we had a really good book, we could overcome all of these. Please suggest a winner! Desperate to Discuss

Dear Desperate to Discuss, I hear your desperation and I think I have the book you need: THE TURNOUT by Megan Abbott.  Abbott has written a number of books I have recommended, and they are always well received. Here we meet Marie and Dara - sisters who are passionately involved with ballet.  Orphaned at an early age, they inherited both their mother’s studio and her passion for dance. Marie, the empathetic sister, teaches the youngest students while Dara, practical and cynical, instructs the older boys and girls. Charles, Dara’s husband - a ballet dancer who has suffered many disabling, dance related injuries - is the business manager.  We are quickly swept up in the cruel, punishing world of ballet.  With the annual Nutcracker performance looming, a suspicious accident catapults all three into a bizarre universe that exposes the fragile ties that bind family and community. This is an alarming tale of power, feminism, and passion with many points for discussion - highly recommended!

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