Saturday, October 9, 2021

Dear Great Book Guru, Last week I was at the St. Luke’s Fall Fair - such fun with great treasures and a huge array of raffles prizes plus the Church’s iconic jams and jellies! While there, I overheard a group of people talking about a new novel their book club was reading - a criminal justice thriller by a famous politician. I couldn’t hear the title… any thoughts?  Fall Fair Goer

Dear Fall Fair Goer, Stacey Abrams, famed political strategist, is the author of WHILE JUSTICE SLEEPS - a complex legal thriller with many medical and legal twists.  The narrator is Avery Keene, a recent graduate of a prestigious law school who has been hired to clerk for an elderly eccentric Supreme Court Justice, Howard Wynn.  Shortly into the book, Wynn is found unconscious – a victim of perhaps a stroke, heart attack, or attempted suicide. Much to everyone’s surprise (especially Avery’s), the Justice has left instructions that Avery is to be his legal guardian and has given her power of attorney. She soon realizes it is imperative that

the comatose Justice be protected from those within the government who are trying to overturn the power of the Court. Their plot centers on a biotech merger case that will have long term effects on this nation and countries around the world.  Will Avery and her cohorts be able to keep the Justice alive long enough and well enough to prevent this looming biogenetic catastrophe?  A very exciting, challenging thriller!


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