Saturday, April 30, 2022

Dear Great Book Guru, My friends and I have a book group that has been meeting for many years, but we really need a good book to get our excitement level up.  We like literary thrillers and a setting away from home would be a plus - vicarious travel! Any recommendations?  In Need of a Change

Dear In Need of a Change, A few months ago I read 56 DAYS by Catherine Ryan Howard. Set in Dublin, Ireland in the Spring of 2020 as the city goes into lockdown, it opens with something very much amiss in an upscale apartment complex - a dead, decomposing body! This is Day 56 and the next chapter opens with Day 1 - a young couple Oliver and Ciara meet serendipitously on the checkout line of a supermarket. He notices her canvas shopping bag and they begin talking.  Both are new to the city and very lonely so when the city closes down a few days later, it seems a good idea to move in together.  All the angst and uncertainty we felt during those first months is captured in the 56 days that unfold.  Secrets are shared and their relationship grows quickly. The timeline shifts back and forth, and we begin to see strange inconsistencies in the stories they tell each other and - of course - we keep wondering about Day 56 and how this story will come together. It does in a most satisfying if horrifying way.  Highly recommended and a great novel to share with a group!

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