Sunday, May 29, 2022

Dear Great Book Guru, We have a favorite book store in Brooklyn called Books Are Magic. There is a great staff and a wonderful selection of new and old favorites. The owner of the store has written a new novel and I wondered if you know about it.    Brooklyn BookStore Browser

Dear Brooklyn Bookstore Browser, I spent the Memorial Day weekend reading THIS TIME TOMORROW by Emma Straub, owner of Books Are Magic, and it was a delight! The novel opens as Alice is celebrating her fortieth birthday. Her life is good - she enjoys her job as an admissions counselor at an elite private school in Manhattan that she had attended, her Brooklyn apartment is comfortable and cozy, her boyfriend is likeable, and she has a dear childhood friend she sees regularly. All seems fine but when she wakes the next morning it is 1996 and she is sixteen years old.  What things in her life would she change if she can?  An important piece of her life is her father, a famous author who has written one hugely successful back to the future novel that has attained cult status.  When she realizes she has stumbled into this world of time travel, she decides to do what she can to change his and her lives.  After many mistakes and wrong turns, she finds a solution and it is a surprise indeed.  “This time tomorrow, where will we be?” Alice asks and the answer resounds through this very satisfying novel. Highly recommended!

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