Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear Great Book Guru, Wow- is Sea Cliff abuzz with excitement! This is the weekend of Gillian DiPietro and Joseph Anzalone's wedding ; myself and many of my friends will be attending so my time for reading will be somewhat limited , but do you have something wedding- related to recommend ? Wedding Well Wisher

Dear Wedding Well Wisher, Yes, I will be at the wedding too, and while I can barely contain my excitement, I think it is always wise at any time to do a little reading. With that in mind, I recommend THE SATURDAY BIG TENT WEDDING PARTY by Alexander McCall Smith. This is the latest installment in the very popular Ladies #1 Detective Agency series. Set in Botswana, these mysteries feature Precious Ramotswe as the founder and head of a detective agency whose cases involve the daily lives and transgressions of Precious's family and neighbors. While these novels are all sweetly satisfying, this one is a particular favorite of mine. Precious's assistant Ms. Makutsi is preparing to marry Mr. Radiphuti, the love of her life, and their wedding plans serve as the backdrop for three subplots: a cattle robbery, a runaway teenager, and an abusive employer. All works out in a clever and satisfying manner, and along the way we learn much about the culture of Botswana and the universal appeal of …weddings! Dearest wishes to Joe and Gillian on their special day!

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