Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Great Book Guru,   I was at the Sea Cliff Yacht Club over the weekend and I noticed a  large group of people gathering for what I assume was a book signing by a local author. The crowd seemed very enthusiastic- I was wondering who the author was and if you had read his book?   Book Signing Spectator

Dear Book Signing Spectator, What a shame you didn't come join us! The author was Dan Fagin, a Sea Cliff luminary and journalist/author extraordinaire. He gave a riveting reading and a summary of his much acclaimed TOMS RIVER, the story of a town in southern New Jersey, a town whose name  over the years came be synonymous with tainted water,  industrial  pollution, and childhood cancers. Dan's book is a fascinating amalgam of science, politics, history, and biography. He weaves a story of valor and cowardice, virtue and corruption, from Basel, Switzerland to a factory town in central China,  but  the heart of the story is always the parents and children of Toms River who suffered much  and fought to find out why and how this could  have happened in their town.  Highly recommended!

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  1. how did i miss this? loved the book, couldn't put it down. i especially liked his weaving of the history of the chemical industry and early epidemiology into the story. i concur GBG. Admire.