Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dear Great Book Guru,  I was at the Doherty Family Rubber Ducky Hunt this weekend and as usual, it was great, great fun!  The conversation soon turned to books with Big Jim Doherty mentioning that he was looking for a new mystery to put on his Kindle. None of us could think of one off hand. What would you suggest?                 Duck Hunt Devotee

Dear Duck Hunt Devotee,  How appropriate for the Duck Hunt- Donna Leon's newest book THE GOLDEN EGG (think the goose that laid the golden egg!). .. Leon is a native  New Yorker who has lived in Italy for over thirty years . Her stories are set in Venice and the hero of her 22 books is Guido Brunetti, a sophisticated, classics scholar turned police commissioner who relishes in family dinners and word games with his academician wife and two teenage children.  There is little violence if any in this mystery and we are unsure if a crime has been committed, but we do know that there has been an injustice that must be addressed.  A young man appears to have committed suicide, his mother is acting strangely, and , oh yes, there is no record of his ever having existed. With many asides about  cyber loss of privacy, political corruption, and spurious piety,  Brunetti more or less solves the case but was there a case to begin with?  An excellent read for the weekend!

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