Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dear Great Book Guru,  I was at a wonderful Sea Cliff event last weekend at the Fire House – a fundraiser for the Lions run by Shane Dommin with great music by The Lazy Dogs and Reckless Abandon.  Conversation turned to an upcoming event -  the much anticipated release of  a  new book by renowned Sea Cliff author Michael Sears.  Do you know anything about this? A Serious Fan of Sears

Dear Serious Fan of Sears,  I received an advance copy of LONG WAY DOWN  and what a great treat! 
Sears's earlier BLACK FRIDAYS and MORTAL BONDS were both favorites of mine and the latest entry is the best of the three.   Jason Stafford- hero of this finance and family drama series- after having spent two years in federal prison on white collar crime charges, is now a financial investigator. His latest case involves Philip Hayley, a scientist who has been arrested for insider trading involving his own company.    Haley insists he has been set up and the usually cynical Stafford believes him… but there is something more to this case- much more- and so the mayhem begins.  One of Sears’s great strengths is his ability to create memorable characters and they abound in this book, with Stafford’s autistic son known as “The Kid”  continuing to play a pivotal role.  Be prepared for many surprises throughout- nothing is as it seems.  Highly recommended!      

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